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Fraud Complex: Need We Say More?

Join the ladies in the last episode of Season 1 (we will be back!) as they walk revisit their past and current experiences with imposter syndrome. Who us?! Yah, yah—us too.

Zero-Waste: Jen Steals the Show (and we all need to listen)

Join the ladies this week as Jen shares (with humour and compassion) her research on the zero waste movement. Hint: It's time to ditch the plastic. Nanci pours coke into her laptop and cries.

Self-help: The Ladies Take on the Self-help Industry (Hint: It's Not Pretty)

Today Nanci and Jen share their experiences with the self-help industry, discuss how unhappy people are vulnerable to manipulation by that industry, and how you can better evaluate when and why it might make sense for you explore a self-help program.

Forgiveness: Jen Shares 12 Steps to Forgive Yourself (Yay!)

In today's episode, the ladies share their experiences with forgiveness—both of others and for youself. Nanci steals pencils in Grade One, gets caught/feels shame, and Jen says maybe it's time to let it go.

Keto: Nanci Swaps Potatoes for Cauliflower (...but still drinks wine)

In this week's episode, the ladies debate the features and benefits of the keto (ketogenic) diet—Jen's not so sure, but Nanci wants to give it a shot.

ADHD: Nanci Decides If/When to Medicate Her Child

Today we chat about our experiences with ADHD, including whether to use medication and/or lifestyle changes. Jen's dog, Nina, gets sick and Jen considers canceling her trip to Greece (OMG!). Nanci is late to recording session and blames ADHD...

Meditation: Nanci Has DEFCON 5 Bad Week

Hang out with the ladies as they pull back the curtain on the benefits of meditation and confess that sometimes they wish they were the boss of everything.

Compassionate Eating: Jen Chooses a Fork over a Knife...

Join the ladies as they dish (pun intended) on the compassionate eating movement (and how they are fairly sure they've lost the meat industry as a future show sponsor).

Self Compassion: The Ladies Write Letters (to Themselves) in Their Own Defence

Nanci confesses that, if not for the poly/cotton blend, she would swim to shore for Mayor Pete. Jen discovers maybe she isn't as friendly to herself as previously believed, and together the ladies pull back the curtain on their experiences with the self-compassion movement.

Self-Care: The Ladies Contemplate Starting to Chew Their Food

Yes, this episode was recorded at 11:00AM on a Wednesday - and that's OK! Hang out with Jen & Nanci this week as they dish on their favourite forms of self care (cooking and Vanity Fair) and share their thoughts on daytime productivity (hint: it's overrated).

Gratitude: Nanci Loses Her Keys

In this week's episode, the ladies dig deep on gratitude. Jen has a rough show in [BEEP] and gives it up for MSG-free ramen. Nanci embarrasses herself in front of several small children.

Exercise: Nanci Gets Real about Her Weight

Join the ladies this week as they dish about the trials and tribulations of losing weight, whether the dream of being a size 8 is worth losing sleep over (hint: no) and if exercising is actually co-related with weight loss.

Sophistication: Jen Eats Some (Rhubarb) Pie

Jen & Nanci work through a Julia Cameron exercise and take stock of whether there is still a chance they might attain some level of sophistication in this lifetime.

Welcome: Jen Receives a Sign...

In this first episode of On the Same Page with Jen & Nanci, the ladies revisit a few of their elusive and crushed dreams, decide that this podcast season will be sub-titled, "Where dreams go to die, and maybe that's OK," and (eventually) even get around to introducing themselves. Nanci gets lost (and found), and Jen tells Nanci what she thinks her problem is.

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