The idea for this podcast was born during a discussion over a crowded and loud family supper, where we were heckled and ridiculed for it by those dearest to us—so naturally, we ran with it. And look at us now! Nanci Murdock, Jen Chapman about jen: Jennifer Chapman is a writer, actress, burlesque performer, comic, humorist and the brains behind the blog The Lady’s Lounge. She has been singing and acting from the age of 8 years old. Jen began her Burlesque career, performing and touring with the Fluffgirl Burlesque Review in 2003. She is the co-founder and former co-producer of Montreal’s Diary of a Lost Circus Burlesque Cabaret, has appeared in a handful of short independent and feature length films, and performs regularly with both The Candyass Club Cabaret and Blue Light Burlesque. Jen lives with her girlfriend, Jo, and far too many domesticated pets, in Montréal Québec Canada.

Nanci Murdock, Jen Chapmanabout nanci: Nanci Murdock had not expected Jen to have such a long bio (where was I when you did all that?!) and will now attempt to fill up this section with many extra words. Nanci had a 20+ year in the financial and investment industry before realizing that the corporate world is, yah, all it is rumoured to be. In 2014, she left her job as Head of Marketing, for BCA Research, the world's largest provider of independent investment research, to start her blog The Money Coach — a website dedicated to helping women learn more about investing. Since 2009, she is self-taught in web development & design, creating websites and social, SEM marketing campaigns for select clients. Nanci also lives in Montreal, with the exact same amount (too many) domestic pets as Jen (+ a common-law husband and two teenage boys).
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